Me, You, and Lange: Let’s Go To Spain!


Gianni Martinez, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Picture this: It’s your 21st birthday and you decide to enjoy it by having a night out on the town, but when it comes down to the people who will be there with you only one other person comes to mind, your best friend? Well, she’s already there. Your crazy cousin? Already swinging at the waiter, how about your ride-or-dies? Nope, they’re already planning the next bar trip. No, not them, the one person you really want isn’t a family member or your crazy besties, she’s better; she’s the lady that would fight for you, the lady that’ll ride an elephant and have a pet tiger when she’s older living in her own zoo of wild and crazy animals (JK – Tiger King was messed up!). This very woman right here is Ms. Eva Lange, my mentor, my momma bear, my journalism teacher!! Yes, I want my journalism teacher with me on my 21st birthday.

There goes Mr.Chandler, Ms.Lange, and her travel buddies!

Ah man, I would love to spend my 21st birthday with Lange, if we’re being honest, I’d probably have this woman walk me down the aisle on my wedding day. She’d probably be the first one to start the party at my wedding. No, but for real, she’s the life of the party and pretty soon will be the life of Spain, yes Spain! Imagine having the amazing opportunity to go on a trip with your favorite, all around amazing, spontaneous and adventurous teacher Eva Lange. It truly is a blessing to have such an inspiration like her in my life, like when I’m older I want to travel as much as Lange does. She’s already been to 35 countries and plans to go to Spain again, but this time it’ll be with me! I get the best of both worlds-Lange and her outgoing personality and me-with my crazy personality – that’s a tag team for fun and I can’t wait to make new memories with her.

AWE look how cute she is! I was talking about Lange not the tiger:)

I know the mushy lovey-dovey stuff isn’t her style, but it’s mine-she really has been like a 3rd mom to me ever since I decided to be a part of this newspaper, and I plan to continue our friendship in the future. Just like her, the friendships she’s kept while traveling, these trips that are organized by her and the help from Explorica have really grown into an addiction if you may, she says, “You’ll keep wanting to do more.”

My 2 besties!

Not only are we traveling and learning about new cultures, but we get the chance to create friendships with the people that you can make memories with forever! So thank you Lange for being at my 21st birthday and thank you for walking me down the aisle, I can’t wait to travel to Spain and meet my future husband with you! XOXO Gianni (your bestie for life.)