All Life-saving Prescribed Medication Should be Free 

All Life-saving Prescribed Medication Should be Free 

Arianna Munoz  , contributor

People like myself are fighting for their lives; we shouldn’t have to worry about the cost of staying alive. The monthly cost of my medications has caused me to be very selective in the career path I choose to take so that I can guarantee a job with good benefits to help lessen the burden of the cost. It hinders what I can do, and extras I can buy because I have to make sure I have co-pay money. 

Many Type 1 Diabetics die a year due to rationing their insulin. Alec Holt, a 26-year-old, died from a result of rationing his insulin 1 month after losing healthcare. 21-year-old Jesimya, also died from rationing her insulin. Because of the monthly cost. The high cost of lifesaving medications is a growing concern in the United StatesTheir constant price increases make it almost impossible for many people to afford. Like myself. 

I believe that lifesaving, prescribed medication should be free. As a Type 1 diabetic, I go to the pharmacy very often. I am well known there. I have numerous prescriptions that I get at least 2 times a month each. The amount of money my parents must pay out of pocket is absurd. All because my insurance doesn’t cover my medicines completely. I also have an Insulin Pump. This specific pump is $300 a month. Insurance doesn’t cover this at all under the plan my parents have. The device that is needed to control the pump is an additional $5000. Again, insurance doesn’t cover this. I also need to buy the insulin that goes in the pump itself. The CGM I wear is only $63.11 because of the coupon the pharmacist gave my mom, which is valid until the end of this month. Normally, the CGM is around $200 a month before insurance, on top of everything else. I also use 2 different kinds of insulin. One is rapid acting, the other is long lasting. These are each $75 after insurance. The rapid insulin is $610 before insurance, and the long lasting is $590. This is still an absurd amount of money my parents must pay because my insurance plan doesn’t cover the cost completely.  

Not only are these lifesaving medications, but they are also what makes those of us that require them, be able to function daily. Without insulin, people say I get cranky. Especially when my blood sugars are high. I also get extremely thirsty, and no matter how much water I drink, I can’t quench my thirst. For me, insulin is almost an instant relief when my blood sugar is high. Almost like when you are so hungry, and you finally eat. Insulin takes the pain away for a temporary amount of time until my blood sugar is under control. I tend to get severe headaches and they usually don’t go away until I give myself insulin or until I fall asleep. Ibuprofen doesn’t even help during these times. When my blood sugar goes low, I get skittish, and feel almost as if I was paralyzed.  

The copay money for lifesaving medications is absurd. I didn’t ask for this disgusting disease. am already fighting for my life on a daily basis10-year-old shouldn’t be picking and choosing a career path to take based on their yearly income. I was just a kid. April 10th will mark 7 years since I’ve been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. believe lifesaving, prescription medication should be free.