Artist Spotlight: JJ Gonzalez


Alexzander (AJ) Braaten, Reporter

Art is the most wide-spread form of mental release, from stress to pain to whatever else is going on, people use art as a getaway, and it comes in many forms. You can find art in many different forms and art can stimulate most of the human senses. Some go to music or calm noises to find relief, others want visual stimulation, and then there’s some who prefer a good meal. But the most literal form of art is when pen or pencil meets paper and you, as the artist just let your mind go to work.

For Sahuaro Senior, JJ Gonzalez, drawing has been his form of stress relief for as long as he can remember. He specializes in drawing characters, usually in the style of different Anime. When asked about where he gets his inspiration for his drawings, he says, “I get inspiration from watching TV shows, looking on Instagram, and from my friends and family.” While finding a lot of inspiration from material already out there, he says that he prefers to make his own chacacters, saying, “I prefer to make my own characters because it’s way more unique and I like to come up with my own stuff, instead of just drawing from what’s out there.” While he does usually create his own, origional characters, he still will draw from pre-existing material. His favorite anime to watch and draw is Dragon Ball, “I’ve been watching it since I was a kid, and I really love the art style.” Most of his drawing consists of a pencil sketch, followed by an outline in pen, then he uses a combo of colored pencil and markers to make it pop.

JJ uses his drawings as a way too keep his mind off things, and to help him relax. As of right now, he is entirely self taught, and he’s been steadily improving his craft over the years. For now his drawing is just a hobby, but he can definitely see himself furthering his skills and making a career out of it.



JJ’s Instagram: funnypicachu