Misery Loves Company AP Club


Paula Le, Reporter

When you thought AP exams were in five months but it’s actually less than three months… How’s preparing for the AP exam in May/June going for ya? *cricket noises*

Me? Not looking too great either.


With the assistance of the “talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique” Ms. Krause, she is willing to help guide you to success. As Sahuaro High School’s AP Tutor, she is launching the AP Club. During this club, Ms. Krause will be preparing students across all AP courses for the upcoming exams through study groups, learning test-taking strategies, practicing relaxation techniques, and more. So whether you’re in AP Chemistry, AP World History, AP Calculus, or perhaps AP Physics, do get help as soon as possible, and not grind multiple units the night before the test day (trust me, that is what I did in sophomore year).

Ms. Krause encouraged, “I am a source for any additional information students might need about AP. So a student who is not in an AP class but is considering taking one, could come to the meetings and talk with other AP students.” Looking at you freshmen, sophomores, and even juniors who do not have experience taking an advanced placement class. Asking an expert like Ms. Krause about AP matters will be very much handy.

What’s the end goal of attending the AP Club? The club is hoping to present students a place to speak, get some tips, and ask questions. It’s better to go into an exam knowing you have been mentally preparing yourself weeks ahead instead of having a mental breakdown while writing an essay. “It’s hard to get participants on Zoom meetings, so if we are fully in school next year it might be more fun because we can actually do some activities,” Ms. Krause expresses. The AP Club is going to be offered next school year if students are interested.

The Misery Loves Company AP Club will meet at 3:30 p.m. via Zoom with lovely Ms. Krause hosting the meeting and AP student participants attending. Having AP Club after school is quite a convenient time when teachers have assigned homework throughout the day.

“What days is the AP Club taking place, Paula?”

February 19 at 3:30: General meeting and discussion of changes to AP test

March 5 at 3:30: Stress Management and Mindfulness

March 25 at 3:30: Note-taking and Study Strategies

April 1 at 3:30: Exam Resources

April 8 at 3:30: Meditation and Positivity

April 22 at 3:30: Test Preparation Tips

Is the AP Club calling to your needs? Click here for the Zoom link.

Meeting ID: 823 3110 4553

Passcode: 569257

If you have any further questions, please contact Ms. Krause at [email protected]