Collodial Silver Goddess- Megan Rasey


Amanda Mourelatos, Editor in Chief

Small business owner and Sahuaro senior, Megan Rasey, began making collodial silver in 2020 and worked hard to open her business in 2021. Collodial silver is a multipurpose healer that can be used on anything from sunburns, to cuts, rashes, acne, and so much more. Collodial means tiny microscopic pieces submerged in a secondary substance, which in Megan’s case is 100% distilled water.

The idea was presented to her when she had a sore throat about 3 years ago when her uncle showed her this “miracle water” that she’s been using ever since. She did research and learned that it was used back in the 1900s to cure and prevent infection and this was used before antibiotics were created. “I say it’s a hidden miracle that I now use everyday. My love for this product has driven me to introduce and educate everyone around me about it so they can have the same experience I did,” she said.

Megan makes the product on her own with a machine gifted to her from her uncle, who taught her how to make it. It is a box that has holes for silver rods and produces vibrations, causing the rods to shake. When this happens, the collodial particles come off into the water. This cycle lasts about 3 hours for the ingestion of silver to be safe enough for human use.

Right now, Megan sells 2oz bottles of pure collodial silver spray but is working on expanding her products to skincare products such as toners, moisturizers, facial lotions, sunburn relief gel, and more. Her 2oz spray bottles are $12, whereas in natural grocery stores the same thing would be $30-40.

Being a young entrepreneuer has been a challenge for Megan, but she has faith in this skincare and “wishes to inspire young women that want to start their own business to take that risk.” Her Etsy aired on April 5th, but she also uses instagram for her sales and delivers to local customers. Contact Megan to try some collodial silver and change your skincare game!

Megan’s instagram is @slvr.roots