Mr. Duncan: Surfing Away from Sahuaro


Surfing away from Sahuaro!

Rowan Oxley, Reporter

David Duncan came out of retirement to join the Sahuaro family four years ago, but after a year of online teaching, Mr. Duncan has decided to finally ride the wave out of teaching and enjoy the retired life.

Mr. Duncan originally hadn’t planned to be a teacher at Sahuaro, a long drive from his home, but he values a good sense of humor, and Prinicpal Estrella did not let him down.  He says, “I had another job offer much closer to my home, but he changed my mind. I told him that I lived too far away, and he would have to rent me an apartment. He said that he would get me a tent and put me on the football field. I was hooked.”

He says that since then, he has made many good memories. A few memories that stick out to him are teaching young students and helping them grow, mature, and become adults. During his four years at Sahuaro, he’s watched people grow and mature into smart, strong, and capable young men and women.

He has found new ideas and discovered new technology that he says he likely would not have been successful without Ms. Krause, Mrs. Watters, Ms. Saldutti, and Ms. Sigafus.

English department’s farewell wishes

Fellow English teacher, Mrs. Watters, says, “Mr. Duncan always has a smile on his face. He is conscientious in all that he does and truly has a heart for working with students. He will be missed!” Ms. Krause, another English teacher says, “Mr. Duncan is a very kind man and an excellent teacher. He cares about what he does, is respectful to his students, and always stops by my room in the morning for no other reason than to say hello. I have thoroughly enjoyed our lunches together these past few years and I will definitely miss him.”

Linda and David Duncan

Will he take up surfing again?  Mr. Duncan says that in retirement, he looks forward to being with his wife full time in Tucson and wherever they travel to.  May your waves be rad, shark-free, and totally awesome!  Have safe travels, and a relaxing retirement!

We’ll miss you, Mr. Duncan.