Sahuaro Seniors Make Their Mark on School Parking Lot

Sierra Blaser, Reporter

Next time you’re walking through the school parking lot, take some time to look at the second row, which is now adorned by colorful artwork.

Student creativity and wet paint perfectly describe this last weekend for many seniors including myself. On Saturday, August 21st Sahuaro seniors continued the tradition of personalizing their parking spots. The tradition started at Sahuaro two years ago, where students were able to pick their spots at the end of junior year and decorate them over the summer. While the event was interrupted last year by the virus we know and love (not), students were excited to get back to some sense of normalcy with this event.

Student Council started selling spaces on Monday, August 16th during lunch and after school. Parking spots were $14 while parking passes cost $6. “The funds go towards different senior activities,” said senior class president, Jenna Timms. “They go to events like senior sunrise and prom.”

Seniors used this event as an opportunity to showcase their artistic talents and different interests. The school parking lot now has designs based on album covers, movie titles and quotes, sports, and Pinterest ideas. “You know that song “The Spins” by Mac Miller? I’m using the album cover as inspiration for my spot,” said senior Emma Juarez. Many students also included their name and graduation year to add an extra touch of individuality to their art. The day was filled with paint spills, laughs, touch ups, and school spirit.

While being about $100 in debt to my dad for materials and being extremely sore the next day weren’t exactly ideal, the joy felt after everything was complete made it all worth it. Now students can drive by the myriad of murals that make Sahuaro’s parking lot feel a little more personal everyday.