Crazy Life Lessons from Grey’s Anatomy 

Crazy Life Lessons from Grey’s Anatomy 

Jasmine Shryock, Contributor

I learned to never hold an active bomb. 

This lesson I learned from Meredith Grey. This is a very important life lesson because holding an active bomb will lead to you getting blown up. Getting blown up is not a good idea. Meredith Grey taught me an important life lesson by showing me that getting blown up hurts. 

I learned to not drown. 

I also learned this lesson from Meredith Grey. She drowned in the ocean. It put her friends and family in a panic. I learned to not do this because I would never want my friends and family to worry about whether I was going to live or not.   

I learned to not take a plane to get somewhere. 

I learned that planes are very dangerous. Especially if you’re Meredith Grey. She got into two plane crashes in her life. In the first one, the plane crash-landed in the middle of nowhere and she and her friends were stranded there for a week. Her baby half-sister also died in that plane crash. And since I don’t want my sister to die, I learned to not take a plane anywhere. 

I learned to always keep an eye on my shoe. 

This is a very important life lesson because, in the plane crash, I was just talking about Cristina Yang lost her shoe. Even though the people around her were literally screaming in pain she was trying to find her shoe. So, this taught me that if I’m ever in a crisis to not lose my shoe. So that I can help others around me. 

I learned to know my love interest’s backstory before getting with them. 

Now, this is also a very important lesson that I learned from Meredith Grey. Grey ended up getting involved with someone who was already married. So when I end up falling for someone it’s always smart to double-check. I sure don’t want to end up like Meredith Grey in that awkward position. 

I learned to not be a hero. 

Although being a hero is usually a very good achievement. It was not so good for George O’Malley. One day O’Malley decided to be a hero and jump in front of a bus. He was then rushed to the hospital where all his friends worked. Once everyone figured out it was O’Malley the whole hospital staff panicked. I would never want to put my friends through that. And that is why you don’t be a hero. 

I learned to not provoke a patient. 

Now this one is usually implied, but Meredith did it anyway. After provoking said patient, she was brutally beaten by the patient who had severe PTSD from the military. Nobody heard a thing and when they finally found Meredith, she was nearly dead. Once she was safely in a hospital room, she couldn’t have any visitors since her face was severely disfigured. This is an important lesson because my face is too pretty to harm like that.  

I learned to get a head CT. 

Getting a head CT is probably the most important thing to do when you’re in a car accident. Just ask Derek Sheperd, wait you can’t because he died from failure to get a head CT. So, if you’re ever in a car accident and the rest of you is stable, get a head CT. 

I learned to not get COVID-19 

This lesson is obvious given recent events. I thought I’d put this in there because when Meredith caught COVID-19 she couldn’t see her family and her response was so bad that they had to put her in a medically induced coma. Meredith stayed in this coma for about 2 weeks. Because of quarantine her kids couldn’t go in and see her. What I learned from this is to avoid getting a sickness of any kind.    

I learned to not commit insurance fraud. 

When you commit insurance fraud to save the life of a little girl who would’ve died without the medical treatment it’s considered not right. I learned that even if you think it’s the right thing that you probably shouldn’t do it. Meredith did it anyway though and her medical license almost got taken away. She also had to go to jail.