The Woman Behind the Front Counter – Mrs. Lynne


Sierra Blaser, Reporter

The attendance office is a vital part of every Cougar’s high school career, yet we rarely take the time to look at the amazing ladies who keep the whole operation going. One of these brilliant ladies is Mrs. Lynne Casetta, a kind woman always ready to help a student in need. Mrs. Lynne has been at Sahuaro for eleven years, arriving here in 2010 after working at Gridley Middle School for fourteen years. She’s in charge of attendance and registration, but helps out with much more than that. “Lynne is the go-to for all of us,” said our new attendance registration tech Andrea Bartlett.

Mrs. Lynne was born and raised in Red Bank, New Jersey as the oldest of four sisters. She moved to Phoenix at the age of sixteen, struggling to adjust to the new change. “It was not easy for me,” said Mrs. Lynne. “I went to finish high school up in Scottsdale, and it was a bit of an adjustment.” A few years later, Casetta married her husband, Bob. The two have been together for fourty-five happy years with two children and five grandchildren. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her nephew, a senior and fellow Cougar here at Sahuaro. “We watch a lot of baseball, it’s one of our favorite things to do together.” When asked what she looked forward to the most this year, she reponded, “I’m very excited to hand my nephew his diploma at graduation.”

While absolutely loving what she does, this last year hasn’t been easy on her. “It’s been really hard here dealing with the large school that we have. Last year especially was hard.” Mrs. Lynne was one of the helpful ladies assisting students with laptop distributions and exchanges. If there was a problem with your wifi last semester, she was likely the person on the other side of the screen trying to keep things working and students connected. “It was not something I had learned about or knew, we just kind of had to figure it out.” While this year has had it’s challenges, Mrs. Lynne is still up and ready to come to school every morning to see what the day has to offer.

Mrs. Lynne absolutely adores her job. When asked about her favorite part of working the front desk, she replied, “Just meeting all the people… all the kids… all the parents. Many of them I got to see grow up at Gridley and here at Sahuaro.” It’s clear to see that Mrs. Lynne loves being a fellow member of the Cougar family, and we at The Paper Cut couldn’t be more thankful for such a kind woman running the world of attendance in the front office of Sahuaro.