This is What Community Looks Like


Kasia Jackson, Editor

Chanting, shouting, and shrills of excitement are what one would hear passing by Sahuaro on Camino Seco. “Gay is okay!” “Trans rights are human rights!” “Healthcare for all!” “We say gay!” “Hey hey ho ho Don’t Say Bill got to go!

Unity and acceptance were at their highest peak today here at Sahuaro on April 1st. The waving of flags and signs in the air that flowed, radiated such unity and acceptance. Students of varying ages, races, gender, and sexuality came to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community to protest against the Don’t Say Gay bill in Florida.  It was heartwarming to see everyone rally together for this cause. Our fellow staff shows support and even members of our Tucson community, honking their horns as they’re passing by, showing their acknowledgment. AP English and Mexican American Literature teacher Ms. Krause said, “I’m glad they care and that they notice.” She also expressed gratitude to the fact that students are expressing themselves in a positive way and that the protest was peaceful. Freshmen and Senior English teacher Mr. Smith said, “I will always support students using their voice to stand for what they believe in. Your voice is your most powerful weapon – use it.”

Several seniors including myself came despite the fact that it is senior ditch day, to take a stand for what’s right. What’s right is freedom of expression. The right to learn and be able to discuss LGBTQ+ history/topics. Members and allies should not have to be silenced upon such matters. We want to move forward with the times of acceptance, not move back in time with non-acceptance.

Props to senior Alais Alzaga for orchestrating this event and forming a community where all can be accepted. Alais wanted to express her gratitude for everyone who came and didn’t come, “I really felt grateful that people came, it’s nice to see that people care and I’m proud of everyone who came and stood up for what’s right, and to those who aren’t out or didn’t feel comfortable going, just know that you are supported and we accept you!”

This walk-in made a huge impact on our community, whether the impacts are noticed automatically or later on. Keep taking a stand for what’s right. Support one another and stick together.

Here are some pictures from the Walk-in: