In Loving Memory of Estevan Loya


Neela Luna, Reporter

On August 7th, 2022, Estevan Loya, 15-years-old sadly, passed away. Estevan was a very loving, caring, kind son, brother, family member, and friend. He was a very happy soul, who loved wholeheartedly, excited about everything that came his way in his short life.  

Remembered by the love for his family, larger than life personality and sweet side, he always put others’ needs before his own, always making sure everyone around him was okay. He never wanted to leave anybody out of anything.  Estevan was a very outgoing person – if you had the pleasure to meet him, he always knew how to bring the inner life out of the people in his presence. There was never a dull moment being around Estevan.

He and his sisters were best friends; they always had a fun time, and he would protect them with everything in him. He would always tell them, “When I die, don’t cry, wipe your tears away and live it up.” He never wanted anyone to cry of sadness, he wanted them to live for them and if they did cry, he wanted it to be tears of happiness of the life he did live. “I loved the fact that he loved to dance, wherever we went he was dancing. I remember one time he took us into the living room and made us dance with him,” recalled his sister, Anissa. Estevan loved to dance, that was everyone’s favorite memory of him, and we will all never forget the dance parties he had almost everyday.

Estevan had big dreams to play basketball at Sahuaro. He dreamt of one day making it to the big show – the NBA. Though his time at as Cougar was short, it had been his goal to make his home as a Sahuaro Cougar since his 7th grade year in school. It’s a tragedy he was unable to fulfill his dreams completely. Those who knew him are grieving and for those who didn’t have the pleasure, they truly missed out on an amazing person. Rest easy Estevan, you’re now and will always be a Sahuaro Cougar. Fly High Estevan, We love you.