The Boy Who Does It All


Louraine Bouraima

Micah Burt, a sensation all over Sahuaro, is well known for his brains more than his brawn. Micah is someone who would rather get congratulated over his AP calculus grade than his football game. He makes it cool to be smart again, and those who know Micah will say he is the smartest, the funniest, and the most helpful person they know. He has helped many with their schoolwork…I guess you can call him the on-the-go tutor. Even though he is great at the sport he plays, Micah’s interest apparently lies in engineering, “What I really wanna do is build my plane and fly it,” and I let him know when I am looking for a private jet he would be the first I call.

Micah’s passion is something he doesn’t fail to express and is what he is most known for. He expressed that “Black Liberation” is something very passionate to him because “the oppression is so prominent now,” and also, “I realized it’s something that could affect me directly or indirectly.”

In his freshman year, he was a new, mature person who met two teachers in Sahuaro who he said changed his life. Dr. Collingwood and Mr. Mack, he says are two people who continued to advocate for him, even when he was acting up, even in his defiance, they never once gave up on him. They also helped him to test out of Algebra 1 in freshman year to be in geometry already because he was intelligent enough to be in the class. Even to this day he still keeps a close connection with both of them as he and Dr. Collingwood exchange books, and him and Mr. Mack exchange ideas. Micah Burt is someone who has come far in his life already and is someone we’re gonna see a lot from in the future – if you have time say hello to the Fredrick Douglas of our generation.