Sahuaro Welcomes Mrs. Davis: Our New In-House Suspension Teacher


Montana Poe, Sports Editor

Sysairesse Davis-Jackson is Sahuaro High School’s new in-house suspension teacher. Mrs. Davis started at Tucson High School in their registration office working with kids who needed assistance engaging in classrooms and helping them get to the root of why they get kicked out of class. Mrs. Davis was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and spent 40 years of her life there. She moved to Arizona for the weather and new scenery in her work and life. Mrs. Davis wants to make a difference at Sahuaro High School for the students who need the support they deserve.

One of the main things Mrs. Davis knows from experience is that kids want to feel valued and wanted. She doesn’t want students to feel condemned for being in school intervention but for them to think for themselves and to make better choices. Maturing and realizing what you did was wrong is what Mrs. Davis wants students to understand so they can set a goal for themselves. On a personal level, helping students improve and make better choices is something she was sort of pushed into because in Chicago she had to deal with kids who were wired differently than most kids in Arizona. As a teacher, she always had great relationships with her students and she made sure that they felt valued because she believes a teacher is not just assigned a student, but a person who has a whole life ahead of them that you need to help lead down a straight path.

Mrs. Davis loves Sahuaro so far she said, “We have strong administrators who balance each other and the teachers have embraced me and helped me so far.” Teachers have asked for advice from Mrs. Davis because they have seen her in the hallway giving a lecture to a student. She says the hardest situation she has had so far is helping kids embrace their strengths because embracing your strengths can help your weaknesses.  A big admirer of Michelle Obama, Mrs. Davis lives by the quote: “The ability to read, write, and analyze; the confidence to stand up and demand justice and equality; the qualifications and connections to get your foot in that door and take your seat at the table – all of that starts with education.”

Sahuaro feels blessed to welcome Mrs. Davis to the Cougar family!