Sahuaro’s Amazing Softball Pitcher: Sophia Solano


Cymona Abellard, Reporter

Sophia Solano is a senior here at school that is pretty well known. Even if people don’t know her personally, they know her for being amazing at softball.

Sophia has been playing softball for 11 years outside of school and currently plays for the AZ Hot Shots in Phoenix. This team goes out of town, if not out of state, all the time, so she gets to travel frequently. Her favorite place that she has gone for a tournament is Colorado because she loves the weather and loves that she gets to spend an entire week with her teammates.

Because we all know and love her as the amazing player she is, I wanted to know if she has any before-game rituals and/or superstitions. Sophia said she has a Celsius for the energy, listens to Morgan Wallen all day, and has recently started always having her hair in the same style because any time she doesn’t have that hairstyle, they seem to lose. This hairstyle consists of a slicked-back ponytail with bubble braids.

Softball is a very intense and time-consuming sport that you either love taking up your entire life or you hate it. She said, “It’s a 365 days a year sport with out-of-state trips,” but she doesn’t mind because she is one of the people that love it, which is why she chose to continue to play in college too.

She decided to go to Central Arizona College (which is a JuCo) and study Sports Medicine.  Playing softball at the college level is going to be difficult, but we all know she is going to do great because of her amazing self-discipline. When asked her one final thought, and what she wanted to say to any aspiring softball players she said, “Softball teaches you lessons that will help you later in life and it will give you life-long friendships.”