Kermit’s Got Tea…And She’s Boiling

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Jordan Myers, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Room 207, Ms. Lange, is probably one of the most artistic and decorated rooms. But room 207 has a new addition to its wall. Introducing Kermit The Frog, sipping tea and enjoying life. The idea of the mural came from the two artists’ love for gossip and spilling the tea.

Photo by Anaveve Santa Cruz
Hard at work: Jordan Myers on the second day of painting.

The painters, Nathalia Valdez and yours truly, Jordan Myers, began to brainstorm the painting and planned to do it the following school year, 2019-2020. Kermit himself is an icon, but when the meme went viral over the internet, he became even more iconic. That’s when Nathalia and Jordan knew that they had to paint him like one of their French girls.

Photo by Jordan
Jordan’s name credit.

So, now that you know the tea on Kermit, he wants to know the tea on you👀🍵

In the comments, spill the tea about an appropriate topic that won’t make Kermit drop his teacup in shock.

Thanks, sis

– Kermy