Meet Sahuaro Alumnus Mrs. Krieg – Your New Librarian!

Andy Mourelatos, A&E Editor

After months with a dark, desolate, and depressing library, Sahuaro has found a new librarian in Sahuaro’s alumnus: Mrs. Jackie Krieg.

This Ohio-born teacher moved to Tucson when she was only four months old. Her entire family, including her, attended and graduated from Sahuaro. Mrs. Krieg received her diploma from the University of Arizona and has taught for 32 years, teaching almost every grade from kindergarten to 8th grade. She taught at Sam Hughes Elementary and Lawrence Intermediate. She was a librarian at Lawrence as well.

In her free time, Krieg enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, bird watching, gardening, and reading. She chose to apply for the position because, “After teaching, I was a mentor for other teachers and wanted to get back to working with students. I found this position and realized it would let me be a mentor for students as well as fuel my love for the library.”

The library is currently in a “soft opening.” This means that “The library will be open during class periods. Teachers may send up to 5 students. They must bring a pass that is clearly marked with the student’s name, the date, time sent, and teacher signature. Students will sign in when they arrive and sign out if they leave before the end of the period.”

For the time being, during conference period she is allowing juniors and seniors to get a pass to be in the library. They will need to get this pass prior to conference. For lunch, those with first lunch can access the library Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and those with second can access it Tuesdays and Thursdays. She plans to hopefully sort out the library’s hours soon, once she gets settled in.

Getting to know all of the students at Sahuaro is the main thing Mrs. Krieg is excited for. She also would like to start some new programs and traditions at Sahuaro. “I really like technology and would like to do something with that, perhaps some form of audio/video tutoring with peers or others.” Until then, however, Mr. Collingwood holds an after-school Academic Study Clinic in the library Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“So far I have loved Sahuaro. Everybody has been kind and welcoming and I cannot wait to get to know everyone here!” Mrs. Kreig said.