The Paper Cut: Your New Favorite Class


Jordan Myers, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Class registration is coming up and Sahuaro’s The Paper Cut is open to new students for the 2020-2021 school year!

The Paper Cut has been around since 2015, when English teacher Ms. Lange had an idea of creating an online school newspaper after Sahuaro’s long-running in print newspaper, Mountain Shadows, ended in 2013. “With the dissolution of Mountain Shadows, there was no way for our students and faculty to learn about all of the wonderful achievements and events that were going on around Sahuaro,” Ms. Lange recalled. “I love the fact that it builds a sense of community among our school and I think it’s important to promote how diverse and exceptional our Sahuaro students are,” Lange says.

Through writing articles about Sahuaro’s faculty and students, headline news, sports, entertainment, and even on your own opinions, you develop skills that will serve extremely helpful in any career you end up going into.

Interested so far? Here’s what we do to write such amazing articles:

  • Conduct appropriate and informational interviews on faculty and students
  • Take comprehensive notes and quotes on necessary information for articles
  • Take a hooking picture for our featured image
  • Come up with a luring title
  • Type up and put together quotes for the  article
  • Run it by multiple editors to assure it’s publishable

Did I mention that journalism looks great on college applications? Because it does and it’s very well respected due to the huge amount of skills you obtain while mastering your craft here. These skills include but are not limited to videography, photography, writing, excellent grammar, investigative skills, technical skills, persistence, and expert communication skills.

The first-ever Editor-in-Chief of Sahuaro’s Mountain Shadows newspaper, Amy Fitch, is a part of the Cougar Foundation and is currently pushing to make scholarship opportunities for journalism students.

In the newsroom, everyone is working hard on their articles but still has time to socialize and have a lot of fun. As an editor for The Paper Cut, I would like to think of all of us as a little family who has a lot of fun together participating in holiday parties, potlucks, and all kinds of fun stuff while still meeting all of our deadlines.

The current Editor-in-Chief, Amanda Mourelatos’ career path has changed since joining The Paper Cut. “I joined my freshman year in need of another elective and now I want to pursue a career in journalism. I’m the Editor-in-Chief and I’m incredibly proud of this paper,” she stated. “This class has given me a place to project my opinions and to share important topics with the Cougars and people across the globe.”

So, in total, The Paper Cut is the ideal elective for you or anyone to register for. Come one, come all!