Don’t Do the Don’ts on Dates!


Jordan Myers, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Oh, dating…the butterflies, the excitement, and the romance. But also the fear and heartbreak that leaves you bed-ridden and humiliated. Since Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, I think we all know what that means…horrible date memories are about to be made all over again. So why not prepare to not do the don’ts of dates to make sure your crush/date doesn’t run away from you? Here are some of the most embarrassing and uncomfortable dates you’ll ever hear of:

“We met in middle school and had a little crush on each other,” Andy Mourelatos, sophomore, said about his former crush. “I asked her out on a date, my first date ever, to the movies and was nervous enough already. Then she poured three-quarters of our popcorn on my head because she thought it was funny…” What did we learn from this? 

Don’t: pour popcorn on your date.

Delanie Duvall, sophomore, went on a date with her best friend. Cute right? Nope, not at all. The power couple that could have been planned on casually walking around taking pictures for each other’s photography Instagrams, going to Olive Garden to eat, and later planning to go see a movie, however, it definitely didn’t end up like that. She regretfully says, ”he had me take a ton of pictures of him for his Instagram instead of us taking pictures just of the scenery.” Awkward… “Then he said he was going to take me to Olive Garden but ‘didn’t have enough money’ and took me to McDonald’s instead. But it was still yummy, at least,” she stated. Slight change of plans, understandable…right? “Then we went to the movies. I ended up having to pay for my ticket, his ticket, and all of his food. Then he spilled his soda on me when he went to sit down so my pants were wet during the entire movie.” How could this date possibly go worse for Delanie? “After the movie, he gave me a hug and told me it wouldn’t work out,” she said.

Let’s just say they don’t keep in touch now as much as they did back then…

Don’t: change plans because you’re broke and make your date pay for everything.

Don’t: spill your drink on your date.

Don’t: put your date through hell and then tell them it wasn’t going to work.

Nathalia Valdez, junior, went on a regretful date with a regretful man. “We went to Peter Piper Pizza, he was awkward and shy the whole time. While I was going to drive him home, I was pulling out of the parking lot and this car was driving by at the same time, so he literally screamed at me and was having a whole breakdown… He yelled at me, ‘you need to watch where you’re going!’ He said that I was a bad driver and so I drove in complete silence.” When they arrived at his house, he apologized and they ended up dating anyways, then broke up. “Nice work Nathalia,” she said whilst slapping her forehead.

Don’t: scream at your date

Don’t: be awkward

Don’t: date

In conclusion, is dating even worth it? Ice cream, Netflix, and a warm blanket will make anyone feel way better than any Valentine’s date could ever… But if you make the disappointing decision of snagging a date for Valentine’s Day, hopefully, I’ve taught you to do only the opposite of the main Don’ts I have provided for you. However, if you do slip up, make sure to provide your date’s contact information below for a sequel article.