Cheering for Cheer Season!

How to Try out and More


Jordan Myers, Reporter

Despite it not feeling like a new school year, the year is starting up anyways! Sahuaro is holding cheer team tryouts on September 19th, 2020, and here’s what you need to know.

This year, instead of a three-day tryout process like last year, students interested in joining the cheer team will meet with Coach Emily Nutbrown on Sahuaro’s campus where you will stretch, then perform the one cheer and one dance you will have already had two days to learn via YouTube, in groups of six. Students are also required to do at least one jump, which compared to last year, is very limited. The YouTube link will be emailed to students who have already made it onto her ATS roster which you can sign up for here by following the instructions pictured below.

Due to the way TUSD has been issuing report cards, there is no grade requirement to join or try out for the team this year. This means that the only things you will need to bring to tryouts will be a yoga mat or towel to stretch on, your own bottle of water that you cannot share with anyone else, and of course – a cloth mask.

You are also required to have your physical done by September 8th, 2020.

Tryouts will last a total of thirty minutes where in the first fifteen, students will stretch and the other fifteen will consist of breaking up students into groups of six to perform in front of a panel of judges. “Due to how many people we can have together at once, we will be breaking these groups up on a first come first serve basis,” Coach said. So make sure to get there early!

“During your performance, you will not be required to wear a mask but you will be social distancing from other students. At all other times you will be required to wear a cloth mask to ensure the safety of those around you,” she explained.

This cheer season, Coach Nutbrown is looking for a max of 22 to 25 girls and boys, but this is not a definite number.

Senior Erick Gil-Reyes, in his fourth year of cheerleading encourages his peers greatly to join cheer, “Cheer is family and if we miss something we always got each other’s back to help out. This is all very new for us and our teachers, but we have got to fight like the Cougars we are.”

Coach Nutbrown urges students to contact her immediately with any questions or concerns about joining the cheer team this season at [email protected]