Aubrey Hubble – The Story Behind Hubble’s Bubbles


On the right is the lovely Aubrey

Paula Le, Reporter

Soap… used for washing, bathing, and housekeeping. But what does it take to make soap from scratch? Do people genuinely know how to properly wash their hands, or do they skip the Happy Birthday song part? Aubrey Hubble, a senior at Sahuaro High School, invests her time making soap bars. But what does it take to be a part of the soap empire, and what is her story behind it?

Aubrey Hubble and her mother started the “Hubble’s Bubbles” business not too long ago. Aubrey goes on how her mother learned how to make soap years ago, and she decided to teach young Aubrey along the way. The process is quite simple when making soaps at the Hubble’s Bubble headquarters. “We use glycerin, so we melt that and add scent, color, and decoration in some. We leave it to harden, and then we have a masterpiece that people can buy and use.” Hubble’s Bubble has a range of 25-30 different scents.  From Fresh Rain, Jasmine, Blood Orange, and Rose, Hubble’s Bubble has unique fruity and floral scents. If you like a hint of essential oil in your everyday soap, they have it. Essentials oils help individuals calm down and sleep and open airways to breathe. If you are into that, the business has your back. For both the essential oil soaps and soap fragrances, the soaps sells for $3 a bar or 2 for $5 !

Her reasoning behind embarking upon the business? “We decided to sell them at craft shows and then to do it to fundraise for my grandmother,” Aubrey expresses. Aubrey’s grandmother, Sara, was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. In early May, her grandmother went to the hospital believing she may have Covid-19. Although the test results came back negative, the doctors revealed the news of her having Adenocarcinoma lung cancer. The announcement shocked all, for Sara has never smoked in her life. Grandmother Sara is currently struggling financially with living expenses and medical bills sadly.

Aubrey’s grandmother, Sara

Aubrey depicts her grandmother as “a kind soul who loves to help others,” a quality her grandmother is commonly known for. Aubrey is having the profits Hubble’s Bubbles acquire be put towards helping grandmother Sara with her medical bills.

If you interest in purchasing soap from Hubble’s Bubbles, you may contact Aubrey on Instagram, her @aubrey10.24. If you would like to help Aubrey’s grandmother, Sara, another alternative to help is clicking the GoFundMe link here and learn more about her grandmother’s story. Anything you can do to aid grandmother Sara is greatly appreciated. <3