Fresh Face: Meet Zakirah Hasan


Paula Le, Reporter

Q: Since you’re in varsity cheer, what do you hope to accomplish for yourself and for the team? What do you hope to gain from cheer?

A:  I hope to accomplish a happy successful cheering season despite everything going on. What do I wish to gain? I think fulfillment, ever since I was young I always wanted to be part of an activity like cheer, karate, or an art class but never got the chance to. So [cheer] kind of filled the void of always wanting to do an after school activity but not having the chance to.

Q: How do you like your water?

A: I actually don’t like regular water so sparkling flavored water, cold or room temperature. Depends on the day really.

Q: Interesting things about you? 

A:  I absolutely love singing and songwriting. I haven’t grown in 5 years and omg I suddenly don’t remember anything about myself😂.

Q: What are your plans after high school?

A: Going to college and then nursing school or [maybe] my other dream, which is not realistic, so I’m embarrassed to say.

Q: What sub-culture do you consider yourself a part of?

A; I don’t really consider myself to be a part of any sub-culture. I’m just… me.

Q: What music artist(s) do you listen to? What makes them different compared to others in the music industry?

A: The number one artist I listen to is Ariana Grande. I was a fan of hers as an actress and absolutely love her music. I can relate to it and she’s just really humble, nice, and normal despite being the biggest female artist in the world. I don’t really listen to them much anymore BUT they need to be talked about which is BTS. They talk about stuff no other artist will including depression, self-love, conquering dreams, etc. They’re probably the most humble artist ever, and they’re just all-around amazing people.

Q: What do you wish to change in the world?

A: Definitely world hunger and discrimination.

Q: What’s one of your pet peeves?

A: Smacking while eating and arrogance.

Q: Who’s a role model that helped shape the way you are today?

A: Definitely my big brother. I’ve ended up with his humor, weirdness, and would dress like him when I was younger.

Q: What cinematic universe would you like to be a part of?

A: I was just thinking about this the other day and honestly, I’ve concluded that I would wish to be born in the Monster High Universe. There’s no specific reason but I just would want to😂.


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