“smh… student motivation hints” Podcast – Mr. Rutherford


Mr. Rutherford posing for the camera.

Paula Le, Reporter

“Are you shaking your head when you know you should be getting stuff done? You think it’s your fault? smh… it’s not your fault! Motivation is not easy, BUT! YOU can do it! Subscribe and listen to get some hints to be the best version of yourself you’ve always wanted to be!” insightful words from Mr. Rutherford himself.

If you are in need of self-improvement, mindfulness, and motivation, this man’s got your back. Mr. Rutherford has started his very own Podcast called “smh… student motivation hints.” To put it in simple terms, a podcast is where an audio discussion takes place that targets a certain audience. On March 22nd of 2021, he posted his first podcast episode “Just Do it.” “There may be some meditation and stoic components, but also really specific, like study and organizations tips!”

But why did Mr. Rutherford start a podcast? “Seeing so many kids need a different kind of help this year, and doing so many motivational speeches during Zoom this year!” Mr. Rutherford enthusiastically expresses. He desires to assist kids to be more successful, less stressed, and overall achieve their goals. As of right now, Mr. Rutherford’s podcast is a solo project. However, he stated, “I’m definitely going to add guests in the future!” There may be potential former students, other teachers, and even some of his most inspiring students. If you’re reading this Mr. Rutherford, don’t mean to plug myself, but if you’re ever in need of a guest, I’ll be vibing right here.

I wondered what Mr. Rutherford’s space is like when recording his podcast. Does he have a studio or does he record in the comfort of his home? It’s quite simple. Mr. Rutherford records at Sahuaro, for in his words, the school issue laptop has an incredible microphone. On the off chance that he’s not at school, he is at home recording at his desk. He beamed that his students have said the audio was good, so there’s no need for any bougie equipment just yet. “Nothing fancy!”

Starting a podcast can be frightening for some. “I’d say give it a shot, you have nothing to lose! Don’t expect to get famous, but if it is something that’s beneficial for you even if no one listens, then it’s worth your time and effort.”

Hearing Mr. Rutherford’s soothing words in the morning can truly start your day off with a banger. Listening to a podcast is flexible. You can be brushing your teeth, going on a walk, driving, or having a mental breakdown. Each episode has an average length of 8 minutes. It’s quick, it’s easy and straightforward. If you have spent a class period with Mr. Rutherford, you can agree that he has wisdom like no other. Mr. Rutherford is truly an honest man and knowing an adult figure supports you, may shift your mindset.

If you would like to listen to “smh… student motivation hints” (I know you want to), listen to it on Spotify and/or Apple Podcasts.